Vaccine Development Process Map

Veterinary Vaccine: Discovery/Feasibility

Bottlenecks in the process are marked with a B.

All are standard proces unless stated otherwise.

  1. Livestock or companion animal host immunology B
    1. Ethical Approval
  2. Pathogen Biology B
  3. Pathogen challenge model (Optional) B
    1. Ethical approval B
  4. Antigen discovery and immunogen design
    1. Vaccine type
      1. Whole antigen (Viral, Bacterial, Parasite)
        1. Growth rate. Manufacture, Attenuated or inactivated, Adjuvant/delivery
      2.  Nucleic Acid, VLP, Subunit, Vectored, Glycoconjugate
        1. Antigen selection and purification
        2. Antigen/gene of interest, Vaccine vector, Adjuvant, Delivery System
    2. Proceed to in vitro/in vivo studies
  5. Pre-formulation work
  6. In vitro studies
  7. Early in vivo
  8. Challenge model with antigen(s) B
    1. Ethical approval
  9. Analysis of immune response – correlates of protection data (If favourable continue to Steps 11, if unfavourable go back to Step 4)
  10. Immunisation strategy
  11. Lead(s) identification
    1. Freedom to operate B
    2. Patent application

Ongoing  throughout  process:

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