Vaccine Development Process Map

Welcome to the Vaccine Development Process Map

These two process maps were developed by the UK Vaccine R&D Network, to show key stages in both human vaccine development and veterinary vaccine development up to Phase III clinical trials or veterinary field trials. The Network is supporting vaccine R&D against some of the world's deadliest outbreak infectious diseases, and these process maps are intended to support Network members in understanding key stages in human and veterinary vaccine development and where bottlenecks could potentially delay progress.

The Network has given careful consideration to the definition of bottlenecks associated with vaccine R&D, and whilst many stages could be flagged as "bottlenecks" by broader definition that they are rate-limiting steps, we have chosen to specifically identify those processes and stages which:

  1. reduce the capacity and speed of the whole chain due to limited/sub-optimal capacity or capability within current systems, but
  2. which could potentially be rectified or improved through the efforts of the UK community (including academia, industry, and national actors)

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The UK Vaccine R&D Network has also produced a summary of key points to guide decision making in the context of an emergency response to an epidemic or pandemic.

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The UK Vaccine R&D Network has carried out case studies to highlight where bottlenecks in vaccine development occurs in response to an outbreak.

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These resources are intended to be overall guides and the UK Vaccine R&D Network takes no responsibility for how this may be used in individual vaccine R&D projects.

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Last updated 27th August 2020

Human Vaccines

Human vaccine route map Pre-clinical Discovery. Pre-Clinical Development. Regulatory affiars. Regulatory affairs. Regulatory affairs. Target Product Profle. Clinical develpment.

Veterinary Vaccines

Animal vaccine route map. Discovery and feasibility. TPP Veterinary. Early-phase development. Late-phase-development and registration. Regilatory affairs and ethical approval.